Monthly Archives: July 2014

Meredith Kaplan Stoma Appointed Senior Chair of Jewish Women’s Foundation of New Jersey

MMA congratulates its partner, Meredith Kaplan Stoma, who takes over as Senior Chair of the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New Jersey (JWF).

The JWF recently voted to award three grants in New Jersey and one grant in Israel for 2014. This year’s awards totaled $67,500, representing the JWF’s largest financial commitment to improving the lives of women and girls since its founding more than eight years ago. The JWF educates women about the power of philanthropy by pooling funds and collaboratively and strategically awarding grants to address areas of need and importance to all women and girls. By highlighting what have been considered “women’s issues” – such as domestic violence; employment concerns; work/life balance; self-esteem; and education – and moving them to the main stage, JWF members empower women and girls while improving the quality of life for all.

MMA Successfully Defends Appeal for Razor USA, LLC

Robert J. Machi and Joshua A. Heines successfully defended an appeal before the New Jersey Appellate Division on behalf of Razor USA, LLC. In Vann v. Toys R UsPlaintiffs appealed a summary judgment order dismissing their claims against Razor in a products liability action. The Appellate Division affirmed the Order finding that Plaintiffs failed to provide an adequate expert opinion in support of their design defect claim because their expert failed to present an opinion substantiated by empirical evidence that the number of injuries avoided by adopting his alternative design would be greater than the corresponding number of injuries sustained as a result of such adoption. Moreover, the Appellate Division found that Plaintiffs had abandoned their failure to warn claim.