Public Entity and Civil Rights Defense

The attorneys in our public entity and civil rights defense practice have extensive experience in defending public entities in bodily injury claims arising out of alleged dangerous conditions on public property. They have handled matters involving a wide range of conditions, including roadways, bridges, railroads, sidewalks, playgrounds, parks and theatres. They have also defended public entities in numerous employment related matters alleging both state and federal claims. The firm prides itself on being involved in the development of defenses under the New Jersey Tort Claims Act and is responsible for several favorable appellate division decisions that have limited public entity exposure.

Our attorneys are also proficient in defending civil rights and police misconduct claims brought under both state and federal law. Our extensive experience in this area enables us to work effectively with public officials and employees in the gathering the critical information required to immediately evaluate the case and recommend a preferred course of conduct, whether it be working towards an early settlement or dispositive motion. In addition, if the case cannot be settled or dismissed via motion, our attorneys are experienced at trying these types of matters to verdict.